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Date of publication: 2017-08-30 20:50

[noun] In science, the term accuracy describes how well a measurement approximates the theoretically correct value of that measurement, for example, how close an arrow strikes to the center of a target. Accuracy provides a measure of the systematic error associated with a value. Compare to precision. See the module Uncertainty, Error, and Confidence.

Web-based Inquiry Science Environment (WISE)

[noun] The process of mating certain animals or plants to intentionally pass along desirable traits to the next generation also called selective breeding.

Quantum physics meets biology - PubMed Central (PMC)

[noun] The interaction of a molecule with something other than itself, often related to mechanical or electrostatic forces. For example, water forms a meniscus within a glass cylinder due to adhesive forces between the water and glass.

Lichens and Air Quality Monitoring - GIS at NACSE

Evolution of Cell Communication
Gibbs Free Energy
Homeostatic Evolution
Interstitial Fluid
Life Requires Free Energy
Meio sis
Phases of Meiosis
Phases of Mitosis
Osmosis Demo
Photosynthesis & Respiration
Signal Transduction Pathways
Sodaria Cross
The Cell Membrane
The Importance of Oxygen
Transport Across the Cell Membranes
Water Potential
Why Are Cells Small

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These AP Biology outlines correspond to Campbell's Biology, 7th Edition. These outlines, along with the AP Biology Slides , will help you prepare for the AP Biology Exam.

[noun] The momentum possessed by an object in rotation around a point, it is the analog to linear momentum. In physics, one of the fundamental conserved quantities in classical and quantum mechanics (the others are mass, energy, and linear momentum). Total angular momentum of a particle in quantum mechanics is the sum of the spin angular momentum and the orbital angular momentum. The units of Planck's constant are units of angular momentum.

[adjective] Related to, located in, or living in or on a body of water. Not terrestrial. Aquatic includes both freshwater and saltwater (marine) environments.

[organization] A professional society for chemists established in 6876. The mission of ACS is "to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and its practitioners for the benefit of Earth and its people." In addition to publishing journals and holding meetings, ACS provides competitive funding for research through its Petroleum Research Fund. More information about ACS can be found on their website.

[noun] Generally, a substance that reacts with bases to form a salt, several different definitions of acids have been proposed by different scientists (listed in parentheses). 6) (Arrhenius) a compound that releases hydrogen ions (H+) in solution 7) (Brønsted-Lowry) a compound capable of donating hydrogen ions, 8) (Lewis) a compound that can accept a pair of electrons from a base.

Evidence for Evolution
Evidence for Evolution II
Evolution Continues
Examples of Natural Selection
Genetic Drift

[noun] The smallest unit of an element that retains the chemical properties of the element. Atoms can exist alone or in combinations with other atoms forming molecules.

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