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Date of publication: 2017-09-04 08:51

"This is one of the few programs worldwide that is systematically testing which acceleration methods work and why. This gives SUP the unique advantage of building on scientific evidence and becoming a beacon for many other programs to follow"


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Thank you. Both of these comparative articles are wonderful. As a reminder for me and for my clients. I am a therapist and of course deal with people in such emotional and mental pain on a daily basis. I plan to print these off (with credit to you of course) as a handout for my clients. Thank you so much for your concise efforts. Many blessings.

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Hey Marc,
For me the no #6 thing to start doing for yourself would be to let go of focusing on yourself and instead focus on helping others and living a life of impactful purpose. What would the no #6 thing be for you?

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