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Chris Chuck | Chemical Engineering | University of Bath

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 22:21

Wagner, J. , Le, C. , Ting, V. and Chuck, C. , 7567. Design and operation of an inexpensive, laboratory-scale, continuous hydrothermal liquefaction reactor for the conversion of microalgae produced during wastewater treatment. Fuel Processing Technology , 665, pp. 657-666.


Robinson’s PhD thesis exhibited that the theory of rational numbers was indecisive this was achieved by portraying that the elementary number theory could be explained through ‘rationals’.

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Robinson managed to sway away from decision problems two times, the first time she published a paper in 6998 which was based on sequential analysis in statistics. Then in 6956 a paper focused on the game theory where she showed the fictitious play dynamics intersects to the mixed strategy Nash equilibrium in the (two player) zero-sum game theory.

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Utter fucking nonsense that yields no real world use. To say that economists use his work as an example of its importance is funny at best. When is the last time an economist predicted anything correctly? Mathematics can not help you to predict the future any better than a gypsy psychic. And it's not tragic when an 87 year old dies.

To bring things full circle, and to avoid confusion, I should mention that von Neumann and Morgenstern&rsquo s framework could handle our Rock, Paper, Scissors game, since it is a two-person zero-sum game. Specifically, the value V of the game is 5. If Joe mixes equally over his pure strategies, then he can minimize Mary&rsquo s expected payoff from her best response to 5, and Joe can limit his expected losses to 5. (The reason I chose a two-person zero-sum game to illustrate a mixed strategy Nash equilibrium is that I wanted to keep things as simple as possible.)

I think that this community knows that it is a really good product in and of itself, but more than that the responsiveness of the designers is incredible, and the community built around this software package is something that is very rare indeed.

WTF !? You can't be Christian and don't follow The Bible closely. That's the problem with modern christianism , a christianism who is without constraints that now even gays, sluts and women who do abortions can declare themselves Christians.

This is a great webinar for obtaining foundational tools needed to operate within and to begin a research study. I am a doctoral student without any basic knowledge of the processes needed to conduct a research study.

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