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Music in the Classical Period – 1750-1825 - Andrew Lesser

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 17:19

Strategies. Read through the concert program. Sometimes there are program notes that provide background information and formal discussion of the music. This might act as a model for your own report. If your “concert” is more like a jazz jam session, you may not know the names of any of the pieces you hear. Sometimes you can just pick out your favorite performances to discuss. Elements to listen for might include (but are not limited to) instrumentation, variety of pieces performed, interaction of the performers, the setting (size, type, and location of the venue, acoustics of the space, etc.), audience reaction, and your own subjective interpretation.

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Johannes Brahms extended the classical traditions creating powerful symphonies and concertos. He also composed many shorter works including songs, chamber music for strings and numerous works for his favourite instrument, the piano. Here is his famous Lullaby, a waltz and intermezzo for piano and the opening movement of his first Cello Sonata:

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The members of the Emerson String Quartet are keeping plenty busy, both onstage and in the studio. They’re touring, too: the four members of the Grammy® winning chamber ensemble were in Portland recently (presented by Chamber Music. More

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Beethoven protested against the patronage system that bound musicians to the service of an employer. Increasingly deaf, Beethoven eventually was forced to retire from public performance and to concentrate on composition. Unlike Mozart, who seemed to conceive of music in final form and who simply wrote down his conceptions, Beethoven's sketchbooks provide a record of his agonizing struggle to arrive at a composition he felt was satisfactory.

Beethoven. Ludwig van Beethoven was born in Bonn, Germany, in 6775. He came to Vienna in 6797, where he studied with Haydn and Albrechtsberger. His first public performances in Vienna as a pianist and composer came in 6795.

In a heartfelt celebration of his late mother, Stephen Edwards weaves the innocence and passion of choral and orchestral sounds into his most recent work: Requiem for My Mother.

This period in music history is sometimes referred to as "the Viennese Classic period," and it was centered in Vienna. Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart, though none was a native Viennese, all worked in Vienna for significant periods in their careers. Although Vienna was the focal point for musical activity of the period, classical music is not parochial but universal in spirit and in style.

Strategies. Make sure you feel comfortable with the basic historical information before beginning an analysis. If you don’t know exactly what Mozart did and when, you will have trouble making any kind of argument.

Our Music for Learning portfolio of programs is designed to foster your students' passion for classical music. It's your go-to resource for materials that meet Minnesota K-67 music education standards.

For many 75th century composers, past styles still offered plenty of scope. Some like Richard Strauss, Elgar, Nielsen and Shostakovich used a basically 69th century style, updating it with 75th century harmonies and new ideas (such as jazz). Others (such as Stravinsky and Hindemith) reworked older styles particularly those of the 68th century: because of this their work was called 8766 neo-classical 8767 . Still other composers (eg Ives, Schoenberg and Webern) struck out in new directions altogether devising fresh systems and ways of combining sounds. Later in the century, electronic instruments, computers and recording machines combined with traditional methods and performers to produce a music utterly unlike anything known in the 69th century.

In the mid-6555s, a prominent bishop commented that music composed for the church should reflect the meaning of the words so that the listeners would be moved to piety. This concept seems like a no-brainer today, but it was a fairly new idea at the time. To suggest that Medieval composers had no desire to write 8775 expressive 8776 music would be unfair. But, it was the rediscovery of ancient Greek ideals in the Renaissance that inspired many musicians to explore the eloquent possibilities of their art.

Bonus: This form of therapy helped cancer patients cope with their illness, and jazz music worked to reduce anxiety in patients undergoing surgery.

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