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Unexpressed Internal Conflicts Conflicts are not only essential for the story but essence of the story. Readers prefer writing styles in which they can involve themselves.

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But that is where you go terribly wrong You say the Old Testament is a holy book that 8775 allows for and even calls for violence 8776 . No one who reads the bible has ever come away from it thinking 8775 Gee, this book tells me that violence is allowed and even encourages me to commit violence 8776 That is a nonsensical reading of the bible, which is thousands of pages long and contains a message of radical peace. True, there are a couple of instances in the three thousand year history that we are not comfortable with. But pretending that those sections of the bible represent the bible as a whole is simply mendacious.

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No I 8767 m responding to your wonderment that people hold onto this false faith. The search I suggested was meant to show you that these people are often below par people not rational people that 8767 s why they can hold onto a false faith. A person who can murder their daughter is simply awful to begin with.

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Actually, when you level it all out and make comparisons, WalMart prices on some things are lower, on other things the same, and the quality usually inferior. A local merchant has performed this service several times in my community.

Personally, I believe that the spirit behind the militant Islamists is not merely 8775 man-made 8776 , but is demonic. The special hatred among them of Jews and Christians people of the true God reminds me of Nazism, which similarly is explained in my mind only as demonic. I don 8767 t believe that this enemy will be fought or overcome by mere reason or by anything 8775 man-made 8776 or of natural origin. This battle, growing in intensity, will demand of mankind heroic fidelity to supernatural Truth.

Some, like the atheist Muslim apostate Ibn Warraq, have attributed this uncritical attitude to a fear that the kind of critical analysis that would prove fatal to Islam would also inflict a death blow to Christianity. According to Warraq , “They recognized that Islam was a sister religion, heavily influenced by Judeo-Christian ideas and Christianity and Islam stood or fell together.”

I tried to read the Koran after 9/66, but could never finish because the text was so pedantic and incoherent. It 8767 s poor literary quality made is impossible to read. Muslim and Arabic friends tell me that it must be read in the original Arabic. They say it is poetic in Arabic. I don 8767 t know Arabic so I can 8767 t speak to the assertion.

The book aesthetically considered is by no means a first-rate performance…indispensable links, both in expression and in the sequence of events, are often omitted…and nowhere do we find a steady advance in the narration…and even the syntax betrays great awkwardness…. (Theodor Noldeke in Encyclopedia Britannica , 66 th ed., Vol. 65, pp. 898-956)

Liberals do believe in politicizing the poor. There isn 8767 t a desire to eliminate poverty, but to ensure a dependent class subservient to the Democratic party.

Mohammed is the lynch pin of the whole of Islam. Only he heard the angel Gabriel and only he conveyed what he heard to his followers. But for Muslims that seems to be good enough, for some reason. Or course it helps that the door to exercising ones conscience and mental faculties is firmly closed and guarded by the sword of apostasy. On a level playing field, Islam would have died out soon after Mohammed did.

7. Not all 8775 taking of life 8776 is 8775 murder 8776 . Murder is when humans take innocent life at will. The taking of the life of another in self defense or justified war is not 8775 murder 8776 , but killing. And not all killing is intrinsically evil, or morally wrong in every circumstance.

A wall is just that. It regulates passage across a border. You have borders just about anywhere. This particular border attracts criminal characters who go on murder sprees. Hence, you build a wall, people who want to cross have to go through checkpoints, and the frequency of murder sprees drops to nil.

A local paper recently reported that, in my county of 755,555, more than 65% are not sure where their next meal is coming from. Don 8767 t try to hide this figure by burying it in statistics from some rich county in Virginia, and forget about the crack ho 8767 s, which demeans not them, but you. The grocery subsidies are actually subsidies necessary because WalMart and other employers do not pay a living wage.

Of course, to discredit the Koran as entirely man-made, as beginning and ending with man and not outside of himself, is an important tool in our toolbox, always.

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