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i am going in Winter Seminar of our logistics Industry & over 95 students are attending this seminar from all over the world & i am also the one of the student.


I am doin a job in which I am given a job to make a speech on introduction to the scrabble game which would be given to a scrabble team leader to revise and then say in the tournament!
Not only introduction but a type of speech and it will also come on media n Internet n TV so it should be specific so please help me make a speech plz!

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I am 6th grade and I need to do the presentation about Bosnia and Herzegovina And everyone knows my name because they all are my friends I think it would be weird for me to introduce myself What should I do to get people 8767 s attention?
Our teacher said that he is fairly disappointed about our introduction and conclusion I would be thankful if you help me

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As I 8767 ve mentioned in other comments, start with a surprising fact. Perhaps something like, 8775 Did you know that Indian civilization .? 8776

Nichola, I think your instincts are right. I 8767 d just dive right in with a surprising or shocking fact or statistic about the emigration or the famine to bring home the emotional impact the situation had on the people involved. Are ask the audience a question. 8775 What would you do if you had no food and your children were starving? 8776 Good luck with the presentation!

I&rsquo ve shown you how to think through your entire presentation, from choosing a design to speaking to your audience. Here&rsquo s a mind trick: never try to interpret the looks on your listeners&rsquo faces. Just assume they&rsquo re focused and taking notes.

Mam, I 8767 m a student of Business administration. I 8767 ve to give a presentation on service strategy of a renowned service company of Bangladesh. As, the presentation requires 75% mark in my marketing course, so i 8767 ve to give a very creative presentation. i want to start my intro part during my presentation which will be very attractive to my instructor and other students. So Mam, please suggest me about a attractive introduction part during presentation.

Finally, tell the audience why the topic is important to them. What will they have gained by the time the talk is finished? Don 8767 t feel shy to promise that they 8767 ll learn something useful they really want to know that.

Tell a short story, ask a question, say a surprising fact, say something that 8767 s different from usual. For example, you could start, 8775 In this program, I 8767 ve learned a lot of theory about language, but when I had an opportunity to use it in a nursery setting, I discovered some valuable approaches. 8776

Not to sound rude but if people looked up prior to posting you would notice Ellen 8767 s examples of introducing yourself to co-workers, class mates and random people.
I haven 8767 t needed your help before because for some reason I have a natural talent for speaking in front of people but trying to explain this to a partner was a little hard. So I 8775 Googled 8776 and found this wonderful post.

i am doing a presentation about professional skill
haw can i introduce the topic?
haw can i have a perfect Conclusion ?

Folks, this is all saying things about style and color. What I see missing is Intro-topics-main points-summary-closing and last but not least don't powerpoint everything! Some things need a written report. Pitches and getting buy in to a new initiative yes. Beyond that, Powerpoint may hurt more than help. Google Tufte Powerpoint for a detailed critique

Hi Ellen. Judging by the number of comments and hits on this post, it’s a topic on many speakers’ minds! As you say, when speaking, your 6st impression lasts.

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