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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 01:43

Computing Nonvacuous Generalization Bounds for Deep (Stochastic) Neural Networks with Many More Parameters than Training Data
Gintare Karolina Dziugaite and Daniel M. Roy
In Proc. Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (UAI), 7567.
| arXiv:


MIT's "mind and hand" philosophy is evident in with the Goodie Bag. Each week, students are issued a challenge that uses this kit outfitted with all the tools and materials required to discover the real-world aspects of Solid State Chemistry. The goodie bags require teamwork, exploring new parts of campus, and a good deal of hands-on science!  

Daniel Roy

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Berkeley Graduate Division

Each semester, the Head Graduate Advisor will communicate the PhD Program Committee s assessment of progress to each student, in addition to advice on course programs.

Such students would normally take 755AB or 759 and one of the core sequences 765AB, 765AB in the first year. Less mathematically prepared students might take Math 655 or Math H659 and 655. During the second year, the remaining core sequence would normally be completed. The curriculum for the first two years would be filled out with further graduate courses in Statistics and with courses from other departments. The precise program of study will be decided in consultation with a member of the PhD Program Committee and the Faculty Mentor.

Students admitted to a master's program with thesis or research paper, or to a doctoral program must choose a supervisor who will guide them throughout the writing of their thesis or dissertation.

Professor Geoff Beach's group studies spin dynamics and spin-electronics in nanoscale magnetic materials and devices.  Their work aims at exploring the fundamental underpinnings of new concepts in spin-based data storage, computation, and communications.

DMSE was originally devoted to study of mining and metallurgy, and its graduates found work building railroads and factories during the Industrial Revolution. Today, our foundry is used in research and in student activities. 

In the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, many of the genes required to form new memories are shut down by a genetic blockade, contributing to the cognitive decline seen in those patients.

Subject Minor. A student majoring in another option at the Institute may elect a subject minor in control and dynamical systems. He or she must obtain approval from the CDS faculty of a course of study containing at least 59 units of courses that are required for the CDS . (see Advancement to Candidacy) or advanced courses with a CDS listing

I believe that errata, clarifications, missed citations, links to follow-on work, retractions, and other "marginalia" are important, but underappreciated, contributions to the scientific literature. Ultimately, the nature of a scientific document needs to be rethought, but until then I am slowly collecting marginalia in a simple wiki. I encourage everyone to host similar wikis, or contribute to this one.

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