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The Harmful Effects of Watching Television | The Unbounded

Date of publication: 2017-09-04 21:56

The 65 bits of data available in each Cineon channel for each pixel make it easier to enhance an important range of tones while preserving overall tonal balance. By carefully specifying the range, you can create a version of the image that faithfully resembles the original.

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Samples the average of all RGB color and alpha channel values. The result is that the sampled color also contains the average transparency of the sampled pixels.

The Effects of Television - M. Russell Ballard

Lets you adjust the midtone values, contrast, and brightness of each color channel individually. Click the triangle to expand the options for setting the gamma, pedestal, and gain of each channel.

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Animating the value of the Frame Rate slider can give unpredictable results. For this reason, the only interpolation method allowed for the frame rate is Hold.

The duration, in seconds, of each brush mark. If this value is 5, the brush mark has unlimited duration. Use a single, constant, non-zero value to create a snakelike movement of the stroke. Animate this value to make the stroke expand and contract.

Gives each tile the color of the pixel in the center of the corresponding region in the original image. Otherwise, each tile is given the average color of the corresponding region in the original image.

This may be due to a lack of physical activity associated with television viewing, or as a result of the physical degeneration of the brain. It is not known for certain though, why TV increases the risk of death or by what means.

Controls the amount of color balance correction as determined by the Balance Angle. The adjustment can be applied to highlights, midtones, and shadows.

The Brush Strokes effect applies a rough painted look to an image. You can also use this effect to achieve a pointillist style by setting the length of the brush strokes to 5 and increasing the stroke density. Although you specify the direction of strokes, they are scattered randomly by a small amount to give a more natural result. This effect alters the alpha channel, as well as the color channels if you’ve masked out a portion of the image, the brush strokes paint over the edges of the mask.

The sad truth is that the negative impacts of watching TV on our critical thinking are often neglected, which explains why we see so many people blindly believing and following what the media presents them as truth and right.

Note: The Set Matte effect was originally developed for After Effects. It is included in Premiere Pro only to provide compatibility with projects created in earlier versions of After Effects that use the Set Matte effect.

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