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Date of publication: 2017-08-28 00:07

Firstly, to tackle the problem of parents thinking they are able to educate their children better, higher authorities should ban homeschooling by further enforcing the law. Children by the age of 7 onwards must be made compulsory to attend schools no matter it be private or national. Parents who do not adhere to this will be convicted and be brought to court to have this matter settled. Mandatory fines should also be issued should this law be opposed.

Homeschooling: An Alternative Choice for Education

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Home Schooling :: Argumentative Persuasive Education

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Another potential problem is the jump from home school to higher education, with most universities requiring A level and GCSE grades for admission, though home school children can enter into these examinations privately.

When people approach this issue, they must examine and investigate both sides. Homeschooling has both its pros and cons. Therefore, it should be addressed in the best possible manner. These scope of these recommendations are confined to Malaysia to handle the issue of homeschooling within the currently population residing here

For example, a gifted student in Year 9 can finish a Year 66 English reading comprehension with ease in 65 minutes because he has an excellent memory and the ability to understand complex ideas. However, a student with dyslexia can hardly get his homework done as dyslexics usually have to read a passage for more than twice before it makes sense to them. Teachers have difficulties to plan the learning schedule for the class when gifted students are making trouble and dyslexics are having problems to do an exercise in class as a result.

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UK law actually makes it remarkably easier to choose to home school children than in many other countries across the world. In Germany, for example, home schooling is illegal, and many other countries have strict regulations for its control and assessment, but in Britain the only requirement is that a child receives “an education”. Local Education Authorities have the right to request an annual written report on how a child is being educated and a writing sample, but they have no right to meet the child or visit the home and no formal standards are set to monitor the child’s progress.

Parents who choose to home school their children cite many reasons, with the most popular being a genuine belief that they can give their child a better education at home than they would receive at school. With the intensive one-to-one attention a child receives from their parents and the opportunity this provides for specific concentration on the child’s interests and weaknesses, it is unsurprising that studies show home schooled students perform significantly higher than their peers in standardised tests.

6. Supporting Idea: In the traditional class, students can only touch the illusory, artificial and untruthful environment, but in homeschooling students can touch a real environment.

Homeschooling can be tailored to fit the children 8767 s ability and learning style. Every child has his own speed in learning new knowledge, which mainly depends on the children 8767 s ability. At school, teachers have to take care of a group of students at one time and teach according to the general learning speed of the students. They may not understand their students well because their time spending together is limited at school. Some talented students may find these lessons boring and cannot pay attention at class, while some with learning disability find it hard to catch up with normal students as they do not have sufficient support from their teachers.

This report is mainly focused on the disadvantages of homeschooling. The reasons why homeschooling is not a right choice are listed in this report. The statistics and data are mainly come from United State. The comments of organization and personal views are put into the report to show the reality of Content

But what are the disadvantages of being kept out of mainstream schools? The potential for social problems and difficulty integrating into society is enormous , though home schooling parents argue that their child receives a great deal of interaction with other children, and more adult attention and conversation than many children in full-time education receive. There are fears that home schooled children may find it much harder to share and interact with others when they mature, having never experienced team games or a classroom or playground environment , and that they may be more reluctant to yield their opinion or compromise with others.

In addition to the law, schools should increase the number of qualified teachers. Training programs and workshops can be inducted and reinforced to conform to the needs and requirements of current students, and thus should be made compulsory to be attended by teachers. Aside from that, the curriculum of schools should be improved upon to keep up with the pace of education in the world. Syllabus of subjects being taught must be constantly updated in regards to the amount of new knowledge being churned out every single day.

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