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Negative Population Growth

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 23:11

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Various historical and past backgrounds have demonstrated the fact that we should certainly think twice before asking the opinion of others. Most individuals might have been told that others might see them better than they would themselves -­ however, it unquestionably does not mean they are willing to guide us in the right direction. The way others may think may not at all be a way of helping us understand ourselves, but also a path to failure. Though it is prospering time for novel opportunities and diverse life alternatives, there are still those same major decisions that pounce on us -­ perhaps on a daily basis -­ that can ultimately lead us to failure if we place the decisions­making into the hands of others.

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Sample by Mitchell

Is it better to be true to thine self or conform to societies standards?

It is better to be true to oneself rather than conform to society’s standards. Tijs Andersen, known as DJ Tiesto, the world class performer who needs no introduction, is a man who made his millions by staying true to himself. James DeLaVega, a self-titled “non-graffiti” artist , is another such example. Essentially, embracing oneself leads to a far more bountiful life than being tormented by the pressures of catering to society’s every whim.

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The internet, which was once considered an element of science fiction, is now rising in power over the people of this society and rewiring their brains. The internet is a spider, keeping our society, its prey, hypnotized and under its control. It provides the population with advantages such as ability to multi-task efficiently. However, this proficiency does not allow internet users to focus properly. The internet is a powerful tool in today’s world that is altering the way users think.

The worldwide application of the strategies recommended in NSSM-755 has resulted in regional population growth rates decelerating so fast that they are already causing severe economic and social problems in Europe, the former Soviet Union, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong. Many developing nations are now aging even more rapidly than the developed world, which foretells of even more severe problems for their relatively underdeveloped economies. The developed nations had the opportunity to become rich before they became old if a nation becomes old first, it will never become rich.

Why should anyone be concerned with the idea of population control in today&rsquo s increasingly crowded world? The earth will soon pass seven billion people and the number of people born into poverty is set to rise. Increasingly the idea of controlling the world&rsquo s population through non-coercive means is a topic of debate in the world&rsquo s capitals. Should we be concerned? Should anyone be concerned with the idea of population control as it is debated in our newspapers and magazines and TV shows?

I looked at the clock and recognized that I had just wasted twenty minutes simply deciding whether to write the essay or not. I was clenching my hair, grasping my forehead, and breathing heavily. Everyone made writing an essay seem so simple and effortless. My English teacher had said that it was just a combination of sentences written from end to end. Now I know that there’s much more depth to it. Realizing that if I continue to stall like this I would completely diminish my already-so- little time, so I gulped down a glass of water and began typing. Luckily for me, the brainstorming payed off, and I had finally pinpointed the subject of my soon-to- be two-page essay.

Perhaps it is time that the burden of proof on these matters, so long shouldered by so-called neo-Malthusian pessimists, be shifted to the cornucopian optimists. Let them answer: What is the evidence that the Earth can withstand, without irreparable damage, another two or more centuries during which global human numbers and per-capita consumption increasingly exceed the Earth's optimal (sustainable) carrying capacity?

It has become increasingly apparent over the past half-century that there is a growing tension between two seemingly irreconcilable trends. On one hand, moderate to conservative demographic projections indicate that global human numbers will almost certainly reach 9 billion, perhaps more, by mid-76st century. On the other, prudent and increasingly reliable scientific estimates suggest that the Earth's long-term sustainable human carrying capacity, at what might be defined as an adequate to moderately comfortable developed-world standard of living, may not be much greater than 7 to 8 billion. It may be considerably less, particularly if the normative lifestyle (level of consumption) aspired to is anywhere close to that of the United States.

Martin Luther King Jr.’s usage of logos solidifies his argument by substantiating his claims. To highlight a hypocritical quality of our nation, the author points out that citizens witness “negro and white and die together,” while their nation is “unable to seat them together in the same schools.” This tragic irony of having to tolerate multi-racial men dying together, but not allowing them to live in peaceful coexistence stimulates a realization in the minds of readers and listeners of a fact that is clear to see, but is overlooked. This spark of comprehension connects the audience with Mr. King Jr. and makes the audience feel a certain degree of reverence and trust toward him.

Globalization has played an important role in population control insofar as this process is harmonizing legal, technological, economic and political frameworks for the coming global government. This process has neither been easy nor without major setbacks. Indeed it has been very difficult for global planners to get some of their agenda implemented because large segments of the population have become aware of the &lsquo agenda&rsquo and are highly suspicious of the semi-secrecy with which these elitists work. A book could be written on this issue alone and indeed many have.

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The wealthy control the land and the water sources making it even more difficult for those willing to live humbly. Now regulations on solar use, catching water, next it will be air. How? We may already be paying for air hidden surcharges for indoor venues.

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