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History Of The Decline And Fall Of The Roman Empire

Date of publication: 2017-08-31 03:23

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x756C The next day the story was going out all over the country: of how this ring of ghost artists had been operating for three years in New York and was now opening a branch in Washington to fill many orders from x7568 high in government circles. x7569 x756D

Kessinger Publishing's Rare Esoteric Reprint Catalog and

Wake, William Lardner, Rev. Nathaniel, Apocryphal New Testament, Comprising the Gospels & Epistles now extant, that in the first four centuries were more or less accredited to the apostles and their coadjutors, but were finally excluded from the New Testament canon. Partial Contents: Gospel of the birth of Mary Epistles of Jesus Christ & Abgarus, King of Edessa Gospel of Nicodemus Epistle of Paul apostle to the Laodiceans Epistles of Paul the apostle to Seneca Acts of Paul & Thecla Clement to the Corinthians Epistles of Ignatius Epistle of Polycarp First, Second & Third book of Hermas. 888 pages, ISBN 6-56959-676-5, $


Blanchard, John, Mystic Shrine Illustrated: The Full Illustrated Ritual of the Nobles of the Mystic Shrine, Contents: Origin and Object of the Order Furniture and Opening Ceremonies Initiation. 95 pages, ISBN 6-56959-999-5, $

Harte, Ethel Bret, Zodiacal Influences from Seed to Flower, Aries-Libra: Being Taurus-Scorpio: Generation-Regeneration Gemini Sagittarius: Independence Cancer-Capricorn: Conservation Leo-Aquarius: Fulfillment Virgo-Pisces: Assimilation. 78 pages, ISBN 5-7666-5998-5, $

Corelli, Marie, Romance of Two Worlds, Contents: An artist 696 s studio Mysterious potion Three visions A dance & a promise Cellini 696 s story Hotel Mars and its owner Zara & Prince Ivan A symphony in the air An electric shock My strange departure A miniature creation Secrets of the sun & moon Sociable converse Electric creed Death by lightning A struggle for the mastery. 866 pages, ISBN 6-56959-768-6,

Goodwin, ., Mormonism and Masonry, Mormonism is based upon Freemasonry! Read this book and discover how and why. 666 pages, ISBN 6-56959-556-8, $

Carrington, Hereward, Death Deferred: How to Live Long & Happily, Defer Death, & Lose All Fear of It, Contents: Life and Death How to Prolong Life and Postpone Death The Causes of Death The Signs of Old Age Phenomena of Death The Fear of Death Conclusion. 769 pages, ISBN 6-56959-979-8, $

Shaftesbury, Edmund, Mental Magnetism: A Study of the Seven Realms of Mind and Mastery in the Conflicts of Life, This book is a classic on learning how to metaphysically attract those things you need into your life through the powers of combining your thoughts with the creative universe. It also shows you how to protect yourself from the mental influence of others. 998 pages, ISBN 6-56959-575-6, $