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Date of publication: 2017-07-09 10:57

By default, Grammar Check is on whenever Word is open. When you turn this feature off, Grammar Check will not run as you work on your document. The feature can be easily activated using the Review command tab. You can also grammar check a document after you are finished typing.

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Unfortunately, it is a common practice to create a "heading" by changing the text directly in a Word document. A user will highlight the text and apply a different font type, a larger font size, bold formatting, etc. While these changes made with Font styling will provide visual structure for some of your users, the document structure needed for navigation by assistive technology users is missing. For this reason, use the Heading tool provided by Word.

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Hiding tracked changes—for example, under Show Markup , clearing the check mark for Insertions and Deletions —doesn't delete existing tracked changes or comments from the document. Instead, hiding tracked changes enables you to view the document without having to wade through crossed-out text, underlining, and balloons.

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The Single File Web Page will save document properties and more Word information, but the file will be much larger. The Web Page option saves pictures in a separate folder, and creates a page that looks almost exactly like the original document. Microsoft recommends using the Web Page, Filtered option. A filtered webpage keeps only the content, style instructions, and some other information, for a small file size, without a lot of extra code.

And that's all there is to it! In the next section, we'll look at some Cut, Copy and Paste techniques. Before we leave this section, one extra piece about Tabs.

You can use the Display for Review list, in the Tracking group, to view a document at various stages of the edit process. Each of the four options in the list provides a different view of the document. Final Showing Markup is the default when you open any document.

Note that you can also use the Edit Citation dialog box to suppress the inclusion of the author, the year of publication or the title of the work, if they have appeared in your citation and are unwelcome. When you click OK , your citation will be modified accordingly:

Alternative text is needed in Word documents to provide a non-visual means of representing the CONTENT or FUNCTION of an image. There is more than one way to provide "alt text", but all images contained in a Word document must have it.

America&rsquo s first woman ambassador once said that the height of sophistication is simplicity. Much before it was mis-attributed to Steve Jobs. Even Google has embraced this simplicity and has brought back the index card in a new digital avatar.

When you're finished, every line in the highlighted area will have tab stops at those three positions. You now need to shift the numbers across so that one number is underneath one month. So position your cursor before the first number and press your tab key. Position your cursor before the second number and press your tab key. Position your cursor before the third number and press your tab key. Do that for every line of numbers. When you're done, it should look like this one:

You can change the color and other formatting that Word uses to mark changed text and graphics by clicking the arrow next to Track Changes and then clicking Change Tracking Options.

When Grammar Check finds a sentence that appears to have improper grammar, the possible error will be underlined with a wavy green line. You can correct mistakes through the Quick menu or through a dialog box. If an error has no clear solution, Word displays the grammatical rule being violated.

Original     This view displays the original document without tracked changes and comments showing. However, any tracked changes or comments in the document that have not been accepted, rejected, or deleted remain in the document.

Tell us your own experience with index cards. And, throw your best creative ideas in the comments that will help us squeeze benefits from a simple stack of card stock.

Microsoft Office Word has a feature that inserts citations into your paper and formats your bibliography. This feature is not a full-fledged bibliographic management system like Zotero , but it will allow you to store bibliographic information, use that information to create in-text citations (or footnotes or endnotes) in your paper, and create a bibliography in a variety of styles.

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