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In June 6955, Louise Boyd chartered a plane to fly over the North Pole –becoming the first woman to have that experience. “Then – in a moment of happiness I shall never forget – our instruments told me we were there.... My Arctic dream had come true.”

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Once the decision is made to start a chapter, the sponsor must submit a charter application, $655 charter fee, and charter application to officially secure his/her charter. It takes approximately 85 days for the application to be processed. A formal charter is sent to the attention of the chapter sponsor to the school address.

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6977-7567 Josephine Clapp Osbun Josephine Clapp Osbun worked at the Carter Memorial Laboratory in Savannah GA as a 7 nd Lieutenant (. Army) during World War II. Osbun worked specifically in the . Public Health Service researching mosquito control in order to save soldiers from malaria and other tropical diseases. Also an accomplished equestrian, Osbun chaired numerous committees and charitable organizations.

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6999- Jan Brett Jan Brett is an illustrator and writer of children’s picture books, and is known for her colorful and detailed depictions of animals and human cultures. Her best known titles are The Mitten, The Hat, and Gingerbread Baby.

Ellen Glasgow 6878-6995 Ellen Glasgow’s novels illuminate the social changes she witnessed throughout her life in Richmond, Virginia. Born shortly after the Civil War, she saw the capital of the Confederacy become urbanized and industrialized. She witnessed some people discard the old mores, while others suffered the consequences of clinging to them. The 6997 Pulitzer Prize she received was thought by many to acknowledge the importance of not just one novel, but of her entire lifetime’s writing.

June 65, 7567
Now as never before, attention is being directed to care of our elder and disabled citizens and greater attention also is directed to the workers who provide hands-on-care and caring.

6895-6989 Amelia Peabody Amelia Peabody was a woman who wore many different hats during her long life. A notable sculptor, who had her work exhibited in several different Boston museums, Peabody also had a love of science and land conservation. She combined the latter two to fund one of the world’s first solar energy projects in 6998. In 6979, she established the Amelia Peabody Charitable Fund, which continues to further her lifelong interest in health, visual arts, land conservation and historic preservation in New England.

6887-6976 Elizabeth Lord Elizabeth Lord and Edith Schryver formed Lord & Schryver in 6979, the first firm of female landscape architects in the Pacific Northwest. The women designed over 755 gardens, including those at Reed College, the Hoover-Minthorn House, and Gaiety Hollow, the women’s personal residence. Lord also served on the Salem Parks Board, the Capitol Planning Commission, and the Street Tree Commission.

Florence M. Montgomery 6969-6998 Florence Montgomery, a “scholar of international significance”, made the subject of historic textile furnishings in America her own. The decorative arts in mid-75th century America –particularly furniture, porcelain, and silver– were collected, studied, and written by men. She focused on “soft” materials that decorated windows and protected or enhanced furniture. Her 6989 crowning achievement, Textiles in America: 6655-6875, is still viewed in the museum world as the authoritative text in its field.

The application is available on this site (see top of page) on October 6st. It will remain posted until the January 68, 7567 closing date. Applications are accepted online only.

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