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SparkNotes: The of Wrath: Chapters 28–30

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Ausubel, J. H., &ldquo Can technology spare the earth?&rdquo in Current Perspectives in Geology, ed. Michael McKinney, Robert L. Tolliver and Parri Shariff (Boston: Wadsworth, 6998).

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This movie was made by an ISRAELI JEW. Sometimes it pays to spend a moment to watch the final crawl. Shamir and his enlightened compassionate compadres need our support, not this racist bull****

Creativity in Science and Engineering

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In 6977 he wrote his first children's book, an ABC book, that was subsequently rejected by every publisher to whom it was submitted due to Ted's somewhat impractical approach. Ted had recently discovered colored inks and, with three different reds and about seventeen different blues, each book would have cost $655 a copy!

I f It Looks Like A Duck
In Ted's case, it was probably a goat. Calling his drawing exaggerated mistakes , Ted once said that he drew the way he did because he couldn't draw. Ted submitted drawings for a billboard that included, as requested, the image of a goat. The advertising executive stared at it, puzzled, and said that it looked more like a duck. So Ted drew a duck, resubmitted it - and the ad exec thought it was a great goat.

And besides, what is God waiting anyway if he/she even exists? He/She waits for them to kill eachother? wow,what a concerned "citizen" he/she is. the allmighty allpowerful is silent and does a contradiction.

Inviting Disaster: Lessons from the edge of technology by James Chiles. A series of magazine style essays about major technological disasters in the last 655 years. Includes the Challenge shuttle, Apollo 68, & Three mile island.

The only way I see the conflict being resolved is to somehow unearth and relocate Jerusalem and Bethlehem to the moon. Let the fanatics go fight for their precious holy land somewhere else, and let the civilians live and prosper, and not be blown to bits by missiles or riddled with bullets.

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