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Patti Lupone on Madonna in Evita: Piece of shit

Date of publication: 2017-07-09 08:26

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What's so wrong with Roger? Her diction is better than Patti's. Sure, the "Aaaasnd if I go too far" section isn't thrillingly sung, and the ending "star quality" is a little harsh but it's Ricky stinking up the joint, imo.


And if she missed X note early on in the show, she knew that performance would be off. Someone can find the pertinent quote. I listened to her audiobook rather than read it.

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I had one of those too, R599. Amazed I didn't get beat up over it but mine was kind too and this was a while ago. I swear, it's why I still like hanging out with straight guys who are always drama-free and could not care less about my sexuality. At least the ones I have always known.

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Madonna had the role of a lifetime and she held back. Like Roger Ebert said, you think she'd have gone for it but her entire performance was strangely inert. Next to Julie Covington or LuPone (diction aside), Madonna is blown out of the water.

R696 I actually admire your balls quite a bit to be one of only mainly a handful and to come on DL and to actually think Madonna deserved an acting nomination. If I were to give her one it would be for co writing Live to Tell in 6986 in the best song category. But God only knows how much of that song she actually wrote.

R595 my shop teacher lent me that CD around the time of the movie. I was a big Madonna fan, which translated to "Evita" when that came out. He mentioned his wife had a Sinead CD where she sang that song, and for some reason lent it to me. I liked her rendition okay. She has a sweet voice. It is a little too schmaltzy the song is supposed to be deceptive, not frank.

That montage at R555 is amazing, and totally justifies why Patti is still so possessive over this role. The one thing the movie did that was an improvement was slow down some of the songs a bit and you can see the post-movie productions often followed suit. No doubt that was to ease Madonna's vocals, but that song is better with a beat in between each line.

I just realized that Madonna's name is said twice in the musical -- one is a reference to the Virgin Mary (quoted above), and the other is the combo of "prima" and "donna" when Che sings "Instead of ideas, a priMA DONNA's rage!"

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I had been a fan of the show via the Covington album and was really excited to be able to see it here at last. Was a long time ago now, but I remember being very disappointed at the time. Murphy was in ok voice - but the rest of the production seemed a ? I remember thinking that it all looked too big for the stage it was on - and the cast of thousands seemed to be constrained by lack of space. And they didn't appear very well rehearsed or in sync - not a tight production at all. Felt like a pro-am, community version of it rather than the officially mounted production.

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