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Short Stories: The Garden Party by Katherine Mansfield

Date of publication: 2017-07-08 18:09

I would never support any action against the Post Office that would harm the employees I looked forward to seeing every day. Who would ask me how my day was, even when the question inspired my boss to scream, &ldquo I&rsquo M NOT PAYING YOU TO HAVE A CONVERSATION.&rdquo

Short Essay for School Students on a Morning Walk

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Short Paragraph on Morning Walk - Important India

 Oh Michael, I know the feeling! I hate trying to work during the summer with my boys home from school. How do you tell them no, you have to work when they look at you with those big sad eyes begging to go to the pool. (Especially when I really want to go out and enjoy the sunshine too!) We are trying to get back into the back-to-school routine a week before school starts, and I am finding how much I missed that routine!

120 Words Short Essay on a Morning Walk

This means that you have to rise early to go for a morning walk. You can get fresh air only in the early morning. Birds are healthy because they rise early get fresh air. Nature, too, is at her best in the morning. You can see beautiful sunrise and hear the sweet music of birds. There is feast of music and colors everywhere. Today you fly like birds. Why should you not also rise early like birds and enjoy this great feast? This feast of beauty will give you health, too.

I rarely set morning meetings or phone calls. Most mornings I don 8767 t even turn the ringer on, on my phone (office phone). I try to make morning proactive so that I can spend more of the later part of the day being reactive. If I left it up to others I would constantly be in reactive mode vs proactive / creation mode. Being intentional with that morning time helps.

The problem with the USPS isn&rsquo t the carriers. When I watch videos of them tossing packages into a river, I think: Anyone who delivers your mail has dreamed of doing that. Not because they&rsquo re lazy or vindictive. But because many have no days off, no job security, and an unhealthy work environment where they are constantly forced to work in violation of labor laws.

Thanks for sharing your routine.  It helps to see how others spend their day.  You 8767 re right:  there 8767 s no 8766 silver bullet 8767 here.  A routine has to work for you and fit your lifestyle.  There 8767 s no one-size-fits-all routine, for sure.

My ideal morning routine looks like this (today being the exception because I slept in).
8:55/8:85am alarm goes off. I stumble downstairs and get my butt to the gym.
9:55am workout. shower, shave, etc
5:95am catch the bus to work. write or sleep while I 8767 m on the bus.
7:55am coffee
7:85am desk job begins

My first day alone on the streets, a little girl and her littler brother met me at their fence. She told me it was her fifth birthday and then asked me if I had a brother. I said I did. She asked me if I had a mom, and I said I did. Then she told me that her mom had died. I handed the little girl her mail, asked if she could help me by taking it to the house, and then cried as I walked through her lawn to the next house. It was an emotional, slow-going, and still exhilarating first day, until my phone rang, and my boss screamed, &ldquo WHY AREN&rsquo T YOU BACK AT THE STATION!&rdquo I tried to rush, got clumsy, slowed down even more, and then a miracle happened: Another carrier, already on her way home and off the clock, stopped to help me with the last apartments on my route.

In December 7568 I began waking up at 5am to write fiction because I realized how hard it is to write everyday without a schedule. For me, I didn 8767 t need motivation as much as accountability. That 8767 s why I produced http:// , spontaneous literary fiction. Now I write everyday, for myself and for my subscribers. I don 8767 t miss a day because, like the workout-buddy, I 8767 m not just letting myself down if I don 8767 t show up.

Now-a-days we are to live a very fast life. We are to work round the clock. We hardly have time to care for our health. If the habit of morning walk is formed right from our early days, we can be sure of a sound body and a sound mind.

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