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Date of publication: 2017-09-01 12:07

The problem with Fourier Transform for the measurement of market cycles is that they have a very poor resolution. In this paper I show how to use another nonlinear transform to improve the resolution so that the Fourier Transforms are usable. The measured spectrum is displayed as a heatmap

NBER Publications - National Bureau of Economic Research


There are three major water treatment processes in use today to produce high purity water Distillation, Reverse Osmosis and Deionization. Depending on the water volume and the level of quality required these systems may be used separately or in conjunction with each other.

Atomic Minerals Directorate

This was the Runner-up Winner of the MTA's 7558 Charles H. Dow Award. In this paper I show the implications of the various forms of detrending and how the resultant Probability Distributions can be used as strategies to generate effective trading systems. Results of these robust trading systems are compared to standard approaches.

Some work carried out in the REMET Corporation laboratory relative to certain projects has produced some data which is related to the general subject of particle size of refractories and to its influence on slurry characteristics and strength of shell molds. This work was not carried out specifically to determine the particular influence of particle size distribution on slurries and shells but provided some interesting information on certain systems.

Do we really need MOR testing? Under continual pressure to reduce overhead costs this is a typical question at most foundries. ased on a traditional understanding of Modulus of Rupture or MOR testing and past evaluation techniques, I think the question is justified. In order to find value in MOR testing, todayƒ€™s foundryman needs to advance his understanding of this test. This paper will describe proper MOR testing and offer a new perspective on the uses for this valuable investigative tool. Perhaps you will then be able to answer the question ƒ€œMOR, Who Needs It?ƒ€

The study, the first nationwide study of its kind, focuses exclusively on the direct, indirect and induced effects local and regional park agencies’ spending have on economic activity. Read a more thorough, technical discussion of the study here.

This paper briefly reviews the U. S. patent literature on refractory metal casting, with particular reference to titanium. This paper also describes the preliminary work of the author in the casting of Ti6Al9V alloy into shell molds with casting surfaces having compositions between approximately 655% ZrO 7 and 655% Y7O 8. It also describes results of casting the same alloy in shell molds embedded in bonded sand and having casting surfaces approximately 655% Y 5 O, having been formed by various techniques.

A series of experiments was undertaken to establish the effect of backup slurry viscosity on these key shell characteristics. Test shells were made using a common primary coat and four backup slurries of varying viscosity. Viscosities were measured and controlled using the Zahn flow cups commonly used in the investment casting industry. In addition, the effect of stucco particle size on shell thickness was investigated by using three different stucco grades to build the test specimens.

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